Hello all,

My name is Justin Sayarath and I am your 2012-2013 ASUC Executive Vice President. I would like to first thank all of you who have been cooperative and who have done everything you have done to help facilitate the move from Eshleman Hall to Hearst. This project is not easy and no one likes moving, especially when it means moving our student organizations. It is stressful and the fact that we are moving into a smaller space, makes it even more difficult. But it will be all worth it in the end, when we leave a legacy of a newer, more vibrant student center where all of our student organizations can thrive. To those of you who have already graduated, congratulations, but please emphasize the importance of your new leaders’ cooperation with the student government at this time, because this move will be happening soon.

Forward to New Leadership
If you have already graduated, or if your group has received new leadership, please pass this message onto the new executive team of your organization.

New Student Spaces Deputy
Our 2012-2013 Student Spaces Deputy is Briana Mullen. She has already been in contact with many of you regarding spaces and will work with you and administrators to facilitate this process. Please follow her direction because she will make this process move more efficiently.
In all honesty, we are behind schedule and we as students need to have a higher sense of urgency especially because this has to do with how our student organizations function. Because all of us in Eshleman hall were not packed by our original May 19th deadline (and we still aren’t all packed), the surge project is moving slowly and this slows down the process for the construction of the new student union. In addition, we are cutting our move to Hearst really close to when all students return in August. We want you all to be settled in the new spaces or at least have all your belongings in the new spaces by that time, so that you can focus on programming, recruitment, and your organization instead of moving. Here is the timeline now, please keep in mind that it is really strict and this is because we have already failed to meet the first deadline set by the previous EVP and Student Spaces Department:

Now until June 18: Throw away and recycle all of your student group belongings that you don’t absolutely need, pack the rest into boxes.

-Boxes: if you need boxes, go to the second floor of Eshleman Hall and speak to the front desk about getting more boxes
-Purging instead of surging: If you can throw away something, throw it away, don’t bring it to surge space
-Large items and furniture: If you have large items, try not to bring it. If it’s necessary ask Briana first.
-Individual Contact: Briana and I will be contacting individual student leaders throughout this period to tell you if your space is not fit for moving materials.

June 18:

-Details: Briana, the movers, and I will be doing a walkthrough of your spaces. Please have it ready by this time.
-Clean Space, boxes in center of space: Please clean up your space, if it’s messy then the movers can’t find your boxes and it won’t be moved, and it will be trashed.
-Importance: This is a walkthrough that was suppose to happen a while ago, we need to get a quote or price for the move. If you aren’t ready by then, then the price goes up and this spends more and more of our student fees and slows the entire Lower Sproul renovation project down.

June 18 until June 30:
 Last minute packing and Inventorying

-Clean up: Briana and I will be walking through during this period to ensure that your spaces are clean enough for the movers. If they can’t find your stuff, it won’t be moved, and it will probably be trashed.
-Last minute packing: If there is anything left, you HAVE to pack it or throw it away. It can’t be cluttering your space for this move.
-Inventorying: Briana and I will be taking an inventory of every student group’s boxes and things to be moved. Gotta have everything done, or else the details won’t be recorded and we can’t hold the movers accountable for your boxes.

July 1- Mid-July:

-Walkthrough: Briana and I will walk through with the movers and make sure that they record all your belongings that they need to move.
-EVERYTHING MUST BE READY: we have to be packed and labeled, and our spaces have to be neat enough for the movers to move our belongings.

August: Move

-The Movers will move all our belongings, Briana and I will be there to watch over and manage the move.

What does this mean for you?
  1. Go back and check your spaces
  2. Pack and Label things you want to move (boxes and labels are on the second floor of Eshleman during regular business hours)
  3. Go through those things you packed and make sure that they are absolutely necessary
  4. Try not to bring too many things, think about your new spaces (ex. Do you really need 18 boxes for a workstation? Do you really need all the things you packed up?)
  5. CLEAN UP YOUR SPACE so that if someone was moving this stuff, they would know exactly what to move
  6. If there is something you don’t want move, don’t leave it in your space, throw it away or recycle
Double Check your Boxes
Please go back and double check what you are packing. Please remember that you will be in a smaller space so it may not be plausible to bring everything you want to bring. For example, if you are moving into a workstation, it doesn’t make sense to bring 18 boxes. Be reasonable and remember that most of the stuff that you want to bring can sometimes be trashed or recycled or reused.
Allocations and Floor Plans

Urgency and Unity
This move and construction of a newer, more vibrant student center is a huge undertaking for all of us, not just for the student government. I wanted to thank you for all that you’ve endured so far, and thank you in advance for reading this email as well as double checking on your spaces. Briana and I will be contacting student groups whose spaces we think need a lot more help or who aren’t packed at all. In our present state, our situation is not good. Many groups have not packed up everything they need to and in some spaces, it is impossible to discern what needs to be moved and what is trash. So I please ask that you join the Executive Vice President’s Office and the Student Spaces Department in ensuring that this move is as detailed, easy, and painless as possible.
I know many of you have summer programming, but please pack up what you can because we are on an extremely tight schedule and June 18th is right around the corner. In the new space, the Executive Vice President’s Office and the ASUC is dedicated to giving all of you newer and better resources so that you can continue to do all the valuable and amazing programs that you do, but for now, we ask that you please join us in this sense of urgency and unity to make sure that this move happens in a timely and effective manner.
Please do not hesitate to ask for help or ask questions. Please email inquiries to sayarath.justin@gmail.com andstudentspaces.berkeley@gmail.com. Thank you all. We hope to hear from you soon and see you in Eshleman Hall as the project moves along.

Justin Sayarath
University of California, Berkeley
B.A. Economics | Asian American and Asian Diaspora Studies Minor | Class of 2013
Sayarath.Justin@gmail.com | (619) 313-3737 | www.justinsayarath.com

Executive Vice President | Associated Students of the University of California (ASUC) | UC Berkeley Student Government | 2012-2013

Senator | Associated Students of the University of California (ASUC) | UC Berkeley Student Government | 2011-2012
Senior Adviser | Caliber Magazine
Student Action | “Every Student, Every Year” | www.studentaction.org

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