Meeting with Abram Hardin, Space Management and Budgeting – May 31, 2012


If changes need to be made in surge space

All designs are bidded and physical walls cannot be changed as of now. It may be better to keep a running list as concerns arise and then bring them back to the Lower Sproul working group when everyone is settled in the new space. EVP will be the contact for that for all student organizations. Surprises will arise, and it is a matter of assisting student organizations in making sure everything runs smoothly. If changes are going to be made now, it will be a tweak. Bigger changes need to be assessed and then brought to working group by Justin.

Already on my list:

Operations like mail, lighting, janitorial, recycling, etc.

Space may not be enough for  us

Tabling center

Furniture might not be enough, keep an eye on used furniture in eshleman

Possible Surge problems

It’s easy to feel slighted in the bigger picture

Moving is horrible for everyone

Mitigating Problems

Have a good student spaces team to help mitigate conflict and ease tensions

Make the experience fun, and make the space yours

Mural contest

Welcome to Hearst party

Make sure every detail is taken in and recorded including boxes and things people want to move



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