Expanding CalLink as a Resource for Students – Meeting with ASUC Auxiliary Office of Student Affairs SAG Advisor Millicent Morris-Cheney – May 31, 2012

Expanding CalLink as a Resource for Students

What do people think CalLink is used for now?

It is a financial management tool for students to get reimbursements. In reality, it can be more than that and students should tap into it.

CalLink as a Marketing Resource

CalLink is also a way for potential new members to view student organizations. If someone logged into CalLink they can see everything about the student group and what it does, pictures, videos, news, events, and can even request to join the organization. It just has to be approved by the primary contact of the group (ASUC Agent). From there, the group can tell use tools to post new events and flyers to the larger Cal Community. In addition, if all groups used the calendaring tool on CalLink, there is an aggregate calendar that all students can view. Potential for a complete one-stop-shop for student organizations.

CalLink as a Management Tool

CalLink gives you the ability to customize. This might be why students don’t use it. But you can give members certain accesses between who can send messages to the group, who can post new events, who can comment to the group board, who can post pictures, who has access to group finances. You can even hold elections, and send mass emails to the group. The potential for text messaging to the whole group is there. Also CalLink keeps a historic archive of the group. So you can have a whole list of alumni and their contact information. it of course allows you to manage your finances.

For the ASUC the use of forms is potentially very valuable for AAVP grants, ASUC Spring Budgeting, ASUC Bill writing, ASUC staff applications, ASUC Intern applications, and so much more.

CalLink for the ASUC

CalLink can be a valuable service that the ASUC provides student groups. They just need to be educated on how to use it. There’s already so much students have to know at agent trainings, but if more were to use CalLink, we’d finally have the one system them brings everyone together. It’d be easier for the ASUC to message student leaders and to get the word out about huge issues like ASUC elections, lobby visits, and other resources.


Student Resource Deputy Safeena Mecklai will work with Millicent to help teach student groups about this resource. As student groups transition out of CSL into the ASUC’s jurisdiction it is imperative that they begin using this system. We should take advantage of it and make sure that students are aware of what resources are here for them.



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