Take two minutes to help save our education! Save Cal Grants Call-In Action Wed May 30 (Today)

A message from EAVP Shahryar Abbasi:

With the budget crisis at the state level, our representatives need to hear from us, the students! Shown below is a phone banking script provided by UCSA, the University of California Students Association. There are only 3 representatives to call so it won’t take too long at all. The important thing is to get as many people as possible to call, so get your brother or sister or friend or parents to call in too! All calls are planned for Wednesday, May 30th at your convenience, so plan ahead. Let us know if you have any questions and email EAVP Shahryar Abbasi at eavp@asuc.org.

Day of Action Save Cal-Grants
Info & Caller Script

The Issue:
In January Governor Brown proposed devastating cuts to the Cal Grant program, a key financial aid source for students in higher education. Specifically, he has proposed to dramatically increase minimum GPA requirements for new recipients (fall 2013 and beyond). The Governor has also proposed to decouple Cal Grants from fee levels at the UC and CSU and instead have Cal Grant awards mirror the size of the Pell Grant a student receives. For example, if a student receives 100% of the maximum Pell Grant award (currently $5,550), they get 100% of a maximum Cal Grant award to cover all of their mandatory fees. If a student gets 50% of the maximum Pell Grant award, they get a Cal Grant to cover only 50% of their fees at the UC or CSU. Thousands of current Cal Grant recipients do not receive the Pell Grant and would lose their Cal Grant altogether if this proposal were implemented. Both proposals make higher education unaffordable for thousands of low income students and forces students out of the UC and CSU.

Senator Darrell Steinberg: He is the Democrat’s leader in the Senate; he makes important decisions during these controversial budget negotiations.
Senator Carol Liu: She is Chair of the Senate Budget subcommittee that reviews the governor’s budget proposals for higher ed and ultimately suggests what language should go in the budget. She has yet to decide on any cuts to the Cal Grant program.
Senator Bob Huff: He is the Republican leader in the Senate; he also makes important decisions during these controversial budget negotiations.

Here’s what to say when you call:
Target- Sen. Carol Liu Sacramento Office (916) 651-4021
Target- Sen. Steinberg Sacramento Office (916) 651-4006
Target- Sen. Huff Sacramento Office (916) 651-4029

“Hi, my name is __________________, and I am a student (or former student from) at ___________. I am calling to let Senator (Liu, Steinberg, or Huff) know that Governor Brown’s proposed cuts to the Cal Grant program that will increase the minimum GPA requirements and decouple funding from UC & CSU fee levels, would negatively impact thousands of struggling students. I urge the Senator to allow students the ability to obtain an affordable education and reject these proposals. Thank you.”


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