ASUC Lecture Notes in search of Note-Takers and Editors! Earn $10.50-$15.00 an hour taking notes.

ASUC Lecture Notes Online delivers high quality lecture notes from a variety of Cal classes. Students purchase a subscription to the course and may download a set of notes from each lecture by 5 p.m. the day after each lecture. The notes are carefully edited and contain web links, photographs, equations and diagrams.

Here’s how it works: A student who has previously taken the course and earned an “A” attends each class, with the professor’s approval. The notes are then sent to our editing team, which reviews the notes and uploads them to their website, where subscribers have access to them.

The service is subsidized by the ASUC and employs more than 100 students each year as note takers, editors and webmasters. Subscribers are respectfully asked not to share their subscription. The service depends on individual subscriptions to exist and take notes in more classes.

ASUC Lecture Notes Online also offers editing and note-taking services, and hundreds ofarchived notes from past courses that are applicable to current classes.

Note-Takers and Editors Needed!

Earn $10.50-$15.00 an hour on campus note-taking!

We have added new Note-Taker positions for Summer 2012!  We’re also accepting applications for new editors starting in the Fall. View our Jobs page. ASUC Lecture Notes Online has job openings for note-takers who have taken the following classes and passed with an A- or higher:

Chemistry 1A

Psychology 166AC
Note-Taker Requirements:

  • Received an A- or higher in the class. Under certain conditions, if you have a high enough GPA in the major you might be considered.
  • Attend all classes.
  • Submit notes in our format by 10 p.m. the day of class, and earlier for lectures preceding midterms and finals.
  • Market/flyer for your class (classes that do not meet a minimum number of subscribers will be canceled).
  • Must be a student.

See our sample notes to get an idea of the quality we want.  Go to our Jobs page to access the application.



Lecture Notes Team

ASUC Lecture Notes Online is approved by the University of California Board of Regents and your professors!


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