ASUC in search of an Academic Affairs Vice President’s Office’s Director of Administrative Committees

Interested applicants should email a resume and brief introduction to incoming Academic Affairs Vice President Natalie Gavello ( and Andreas Lazaris (


Student Chair/Director of Administrative Committees

  • Background:
    • Independent director position within Academic Affairs Vice President  (AAVP) (independent department ran by one director and X interns)
    • Exists within office of AAVP
  • Appointment:
    • Current AAVP nominates and senate approves for next year
    • Applicants must have served for one year on an academic senate or campus administrative committee
  • Responsibilities:
    • Create application for each administrative committee position
    • Distribute application, especially to campus communities relevant to the committee’s topic
    • Interview applicants and read applications
    • Place applicants in conjunction with AAVP
    • Create schedule for year before the Fall semester begins
      • Meeting of all administrative committee representatives twice a semester
      • Schedule speakers/consortiums
      • Contact ASUC senators to pair representatives with projects in senate
    • Provide an orientation for new appointees
    • Update Meeting with representatives with GA representatives (ie., Campus Affairs Vice President or her staff) once monthly
    • Post committee meeting reports on ASUC website
    • Work with the 2 interns mentioned above in tandem with the Director of the Academic Senate
      • Must have served in ASUC position in past
        • 1 intern: Director of Publicity
          • Responsible for outreach – important that this outreach is done to the entire campus community
        • 1 intern: Director of Communications
          • Responsible for communication with SAO, ASUC Senate, GA

Note: the two directors will rely on the same two interns for outreach and communications so that the projects are streamlined and so that these directors communicate about their expectations as much as possible



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