May 28, 2012 – LAST DAY TO PROCESS ASUC REIMBURSEMENTS. (If Senators wrote you a bill or you received a grant award)

Dear ASUC 2011-12 Callink Student Group community –

We at ASUC OSA hope the last official week of the Spring 2012 semester treats you well. Please know that the ASUC “4th Floor” remains open year round and reimbursements are still available during summer …we maintain our regular office hours.

Our preferred deadline to submit transactions for your ASUC student group accounts, either ASUC Programs or Miscellaneous, is Monday, MAY 28, 2012 so all 11/12 transactions may be finalized by June 30, 2012.

WARNING: Many, many transactions are being submitted these last weeks and our office is doing its best to process your requests as quickly as possible but please expect that transactions MAY take two weeks instead of one.

On that note, as the semester is wrapping up PLEASE doublecheck with your members about whether they might prefer to have reimbursements mailed to their “summer” or “permament” addresses, as finals, take priority over remembering to pick up a reimbursement from the OSA. We are happy to mail reimbursements if the address is reliable…but that is definitely not the case for most Berkeley apartments/dorms/coops/fraternities…therefore it is still preferable to hold transactions for pickup if a student will be around to pick up in person…just doublecheck with them before creating the CalLink form.

ALSO: PLEASE TAKE AN EXTRA MOMENT TO REVIEW DOCUMENTATION before you drop off transactions to make sure you have…

1. Original itemized receipts that indicate PROOF OF PAYMENT. If there is any ambiguity about whether the person getting reimbursed consummated payment for the purchase then be pro-active about getting a bank stmt, credit card stmt or a better receipt from them before submitting the request. Also, provide their phone number on the CalLink request so we can follow up with them if necessary.

2. If spending is debiting ASUC Funding for photocopies/printing please provide a sample of what was printed either by attaching a sample to the request or by uploading a sample to your group’s Callink Documents/Publicity Samples folder. Note somewhere on the request for OSA to look for that if it is uploaded.

3. DOUBLECHECK that the payee will be responsible for picking up their reimbursement from OSA or give them the option to have it mailed to a summer address … and then choose the appropriate option on the CalLink transaction.

The 2012-13 ASUC Budget was finalized Wed. 5/2/12, see the news article to download the final allocations:

The 2012-13 ASUC Allocations will be transferred into the ASUC Programs accounts in July to be available in August 2012.

So, as this semester wraps up thank you for all your patience, good will and diligence and ENJOY Finals!!!!

– Millicent, ASUC SAG Advisor, ASUC OSA
Questions? email or call 510-642-4536


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