Sign-up to give feedback on the development of the online one-stop-shop: CalCentral

Thanks so much for all of your help this year in improving CalCentral. We look forward to seeing you all again in the fall!
In the meantime we’ve set up a new system to help us reach the right people when we need feedback. We’d love it if you’d sign up, and forward to as many of your friends as you can.
Sign up for email alerts when your feedback is needed on Cal online systems!
• Student Online User Experience Advisory Group
• expect 1-2 emails a month
• Faculty Online User Experience Advisory Group
• expect 1 email or less a month
Feedback opportunities will range from a quick survey to an interview/focus group to a usability testing session.
In addition to the satisfaction you’ll receive from helping make our online systems better, in-person participants will be offered food or gift cards as incentives!
Messages will come only from us and we anticipate that the traffic will be light, but you can unsubscribe from these lists anytime. Your time and privacy will be respected and the information you provide will be kept confidential.
Please contact Allison Bloodworth (abloodworth at berkeley dot edu)  or Rachel Hollowgrass (rhollow at berkeley dot edu) if you have any questions.
Thanks in advance for your help improving Cal’s online experience!

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