Interested in a Student One-Stop Center? Join the working group.

The Student One-Stop Center Working Group is seeking 2-4 student volunteers to join as members of the working group and lend the student perspective to the design and implementation of the new One-Stop Center coming to Sproul Hall in January. Student participation is very important to make sure that the new center meets students’ needs.

Students interested in resource planning, business process analysis, industrial engineering, or environmental design could gain valuable experience from participating on this committee.

Interested students should send an email expressing their interest to Rose Chan-Gee, Project Manager,


Financial Summary

OE Investment: $1,000,000

Projected Annual Savings: $208,000

Project Description

In addressing administrative tasks relating to enrolling in classes, obtaining financial aid, and paying bills, students often can’t be assisted at their first point of contact and are referred elsewhere. Students and parents struggle to obtain complete and timely information through websites, many of which are currently unable to provide the information expected. When business must be conducted in-person, students are often referred between offices in Sproul Hall and University Hall — with a 15-minute walk between the two.

By constructing and staffing a physical one-stop service center for transactions, students and parents will be able to get information and handle administrative tasks from a single physical location. Reporting to one entity but providing cross-functional information, this office will be staffed with service-oriented, cross-trained individuals who can address issues relating to financial aid, fees and billing, payments, disbursements, registration status, and sequencing issues. A “ticket” system will track referred students to ensure that they don’t fall through the cracks. An additional benefit is the development of a broad knowledge base that will not only improve problem identification and resolution, but identify situations that are systemic and pervasive and developing solutions proactively.


Delivering the Vision

Constructing and staffing a physical one-stop service center for transactions will help achieve the vision of Operational Excellence by centralizing information and processes, improving student services, increasing efficiencies, and supporting a culture of continuous improvement.



The OE Executive Committee approved the proposal in December 2011. The project is underway and the one-stop student business center is slated to open in spring 2013.


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