IMPORTANT FOR ALL ASUC SPONSORED STUDENT GROUPS: Spring Budgeting (Funding for 2012-2013 Academic year) Applications Due Friday March 16, 2012 at 5pm

PUBs Application

SAGs, SISGs, GOVs Application



If you need some help with your application, please check out these budgeting workshops:

1st Budget Workshop 3/2: 9-11PM at location TBD

2nd Budget Workshop 3/9: 9-11PM at location TBD

3rd Budget Workshop 3/13: 8-10PM at location TBD



Budget Applications Due 3/16 @ 5PM

Initial Proposals/Appeals Applications Released: Monday April 2nd

Appeals Applications Due: Wednesday, April 11th @ 5PM

Appeals Meetings TBD in the week of April 15th

Spring Budget Finalized in Senate: Wednesday, April 26th



1. Complete the electronic application from the links below. Make sure you use the correct application for your student group’s classification (i.e. Student Activity Group, Student-Initiated Service Group, Publication Group, or Government & Programs). If you are unsure of your group’s classification, please consult an ASUC advisor on the 4th floor of Eshleman Hall, call (510)642-4536, or email

For PUBs, forms are located at: PUBs Application
For SAGs, SISGs, and GOVs, forms are located at: SAGs, SISGs, GOVs Application

2. Thoroughly read these instructions and the entire application before beginning. WE WILL REJECT ALL APPLICATIONS THAT FAIL TO COMPLY WITH THESE INSTRUCTIONS, AND THE APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS!! Also, keep in mind that jargon should be explained with parenthesis after the item. This is done so that the reviewers of your application are completely sure of what you are requiring.

Please remember that this is not only a process to receive funding from the ASUC, but is also key in helping your groups

plan out the next years activities. There may be some line items that are non-fundable by ASUC by-laws. Nonetheless, your group should include these in your budgets so that proper preparations can be made in planning for these expenses for the upcoming year. Remember that these expenses are planned expenditures and are estimations. If your group has done similar events in the past then these should provide good examples of how much supplies cost, but in the end remember you are planning for the future not just copying from last year’s budget.

3. NOTE: All groups will be required to electronically upload with their budget application:

a. ONE copy of your current constitution.
b. ONE copy of your CLL confirmation of registration. You can download a copy
from or from the Campus Life and Leadership in 102 Sproul. (Note: If you are submitting an application for a new student group, you must first register you group with CLL).
c. ONE copy of a working 2011-2012 Budget. (There is no specific format for this request. Please provide expense/revenue information for your group’s current year activities. If you are a new student group, you do not need to submit a working 2011-2012 Budget.)

4. Complete the programs form in the following budget breakdown links. Form must be completed electronically, and attached to your Spring Budgeting Application.

For PUBs, find this document at: PUBs budget breakdown
For SAGs, SISGs, and GOVs, find this document at : SAGs, SISGs, GOVs budget breakdown
If your SISG/SAG is planning more than six programs, attach additional pages of program budgets and a final “Request

Summary” reflecting all expenses/revenues (as on page one), as needed.
Please come to our office hours if you need assistance. These will be posted on the ASUC website as soon as they are determined.

5. Make sure that all fields in your application are filled out before you submit. If not applicable, fill in with “n/a” or “0”. Make 2 copies of your application confirmation. You must submit one copy and keep one for your records. All copies must be double sided.

6. Securely staple all materials (Confirmation of your submission, one copy of your constitution, one copy of your CLL confirmation of registration, and one copy of a working 2011-2012 Budget, one copy of program budgets). Any other form of binding is unacceptable.

7. Submit your application to the 4th floor Eshleman Hall by 5PM Friday March 16th, 2012. There will be boxes specific for your group type. LATE APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED!!

8. Thank you for completing the process and abiding by the guidelines. All updated information regarding the 2012 Spring Budgeting Process will be posted at

9. Email any questions to


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