Anyone interested in Consulting? E-Business Case Competition

E-Business Case Competition

Sponsored by Cisco Systems, Deloitte Consulting, the Schlinger Family
Foundation, and the Haas Undergraduate Program

The Haas Undergraduate Program, in association with Cisco Systems,
Deloitte Consulting and the Schlinger Family Foundation, is proud to
present its 13^th annual E-Business Case Competition to undergraduate
students of all majors and levels.**This is a great opportunity for
students to demonstrate and further develop their skill base. This case
is especially ideal for those students considering a career in management
consulting, high tech strategy or operations, international business, and
eCommerce end user applications. Additionally, the winning team will
receive Deloitte goodies and have the opportunity to participate in an
exclusive Deloitte office tour, lunch with a Partner and a Q&A session
with a panel of practitioners. The final round participants will also be
eligible to be selected for the fall 2012 Haas external case competition
team(s) (e.g. Hong Kong and Singapore).


Undergraduate students are encouraged to form teams of four, though a team
may compete with a minimum of three individuals. To replicate the work
environments that you will enter upon graduation, there must be at least
one team member who *_is_*__a Haas major and one team member who is
*_not_* a Haas major. Simultaneous degree students majoring in business
and another major will be considered a Haas major.

*Sign-up Procedures*

Sign-ups begin online *Monday, February 20, 2012 *at 8:00am**and
end*Friday, March 2, 2012 *at midnight**via

*CampusGroups*. Go to****and
click on April 12, 2012, * which will lead you to the registration site.

Select one team member to complete the registration for the entire team.
We suggest using the Haas major as they are already familiar with the
CampusGroups site. Whoever completes the registration, will need each team
members’ name, e-mail address, graduation date and major(s).

*The Case *

Case materials and instructions will be available on *Wednesday, March 7,
2012*. Students will be notified about the case distribution via the
<>alias. All participants
*_must_*__subscribe themselves to this e-mail alias/list. Please click
to subscribe. *

Questions asked in the case should be answered in written product, similar
to discussion materials often used in business and with a maximum of 10
PowerPoint slides, not including the title page and appendices. Cases will
be due on *Friday, Mar 23, 2012 by 5:00 PM*. For submission, your
PowerPoint presentation should be converted to a PDF document. E-mail
your PDF presentation file to
<>and include the team name
(per registration) in the subject line of your message. Your message size
cannot exceed 5 MB. *Finalists*: your photos, video and slide deck may be
used on the Haas Undergraduate Program websites and for training purposes.

*”Approaching the Case” Workshop*

Representatives from Deloitte Consulting will provide thoughts on how to
approach the case on *Friday, March* *9th* via a WebEx meeting. Meeting
details will be disseminated via the
<> alias.**

*Mentorship Opportunity*

Representatives from Deloitte Consulting will be assigned to each of the
finalist team as mentors to provide support and answer any questions the
teams may have leading up to the final round presentations.


*Final Competition*

Three to four teams will be selected to participate in the final round.
All teams, including the finalists, will be notified by *Friday, April 6,
2012*. Final presentation will be on *Thursday, April 12, at 6pm, in the
Wells Fargo Room (C420).* Finalists’ presentation times will be
communicated via e-mail.

*Timeline for 2012*

*February 20:*Sign-ups via **
(click on calendar for April 12^th )

*March 2: *Sign-ups end**at midnight

*March 7*: Case is released and instructions available on the
Undergraduate Website:

*March 9*: “Approaching the Case” workshop via WebEx meeting
(details to follow)

*March 23*: Cases are due. Submit case to

*April 6*: Finalists announced via email by 5:00 pm

*April 12:* Final Presentations, Wells Fargo Room (C420), 6 PM.

**All updates and communication will be communicated via the Website
and/or e-mail. *


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