Laotian American Student Representatives

Hello Community!!

We hope everyone’s semester is going well and that next Thursday you can take some time off your busy schedule and come hang out with us at LASRS First General Meeting of the year!

Come out to meet the old and new members, make new friends and find out what we have planned for the semester. Plus, free food+drinks! So come by!
Who: YOU
What: LASR’s First General Meeting
When: Thursday, February 16, 2012
Where: TBA
Why: meet new people, learn about LASR and how you can get involved

What is LASR?
LASR is the Laotian American Student Representatives at UC Berkeley. The primary goal of LASR is to create a community for UC Berkeley students who originated from Laos and to establish awareness for those who are interested in the cultures and experiences of Laotians. This community on the UC Berkeley campus provides social and academic support for all the members within the club.

Neither my parents or I am from Laos. Can I still get involved?
OF COURSE. LASR is a welcoming and diverse organization that welcomes all that are interested in learning and becoming a part of the Laotian community on campus :D.

We hope you can come show your love&support! Thanks!!



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