[IMPORTANT FOR ASUC SPONSORED STUDENT GROUPS] Space Allocation and Mid-Year Report Deadlines Approaching

Hello everyone,

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Justin Sayarath and I am one of your ASUC Senators. I am a third year economics major, Asian American and Asian Diaspora studies minor originally from San Diego, California. I have served our campus community as Vice President of Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity, Assistant Vice President of Programming for the Interfraternity Council, Managing Editor of Caliber Magazine, and a Cal Student Orientation (CalSO) Counselor.

I am writing to you today, to let you know about two extremely important deadlines for ASUC sponsored student organizations: Surge Space Allocation Applications and Student Organization Mid-year Reports.

1) Surge Space Allocation Applications due Sunday, February 26, 2012 at 5pm.

For those of you who don’t know, the students of UC Berkeley passed an initiative known as the BEARS Initiative (https://lowersproul.berkeley.edu/) a couple of years ago. This initiative’s purpose is to revitalize lower Sproul and create a more modern student center to fit the ever-growing needs of our student body. This is great, but next year we are entering a phase of construction and Eshleman hall will be torn down and work will be done on the Martin Luther King Student Union as well. Because of this all student groups and programs in Eshleman hall will be moving to Hearst Gym and Hearst Annex during the construction phase. Offices in Hearst will be refitted to meet group needs. Every year the space in Eshleman hall is allocated to student groups, and we are beginning to do this process with Hearst during the surge phase. So if your group is looking for space next year please take a look at the following information:

Because of this tremendous downsize, we will only be opening SURGE space applications to students currently housed in Eshleman by the official ASUC FINAL SPACE ALLOCATIONS 2011-2012 roster. The SURGE space application for student groups currently housed in Eshleman is available for download and is due Sunday, February 26, 2012 at 5:00pm. No late applications will be accepted. Please follow the instructions on the application and send completed versions in to the Student Spaces Director at studentspaces.berkeley@gmail.com. Download the application and then mail to  studentspaces.berkeley@gmail.com

2) Requirement for all ASUC Sponsored Student Groups: Mid-Year Report Due February 10, 2012

The MANDATORY MID-YEAR REPORT is now available for your completion and is due on Friday, February 10, 2012. To proceed, your organization should download the form via the below link, work with members to complete appropriately by 2/10/12, and follow instructions for submission as follows:


1) Link to Download ASUC-MYR-11-12.doc

2) Complete, rename file “Yourgroupsacronym-MYR-11-12” and email document to myr201112@gmail.com


3) Upload file to YOUR GROUP’S CalLink Documents/ASUC MidYearReport folder [If your group completed the instructions for 10-11 you will find last year’s report there already]

NOTE: The Mid-Year Report is required to be completed by ASUC Sponsored Student Groups according to ASUC By-Law Title III, Article 4.2. The completed Report informs the ASUC Senate and the ASUC’s OSA of your group’s Fall 2011 activities as well as your plans for Spring 2012. This 3 page form can be expanded as your group’s activities require. Only basic financial information is solicited. Please take a moment to describe ALL of your activities, not just events that cost money. This is an opportunity to let the ASUC Senate know how you are serving the campus and your communities.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I am available to meet, just send me an email at sayarath.justin@gmail.com, a facebook message, or call me at (619) 313-3737. Thank you and I hoped this helped!


Justin Sayarath


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