Southeast Asian Student Coalition’s Summer Institute

Greetings on behalf of SASC Summer Institute 2010,

This summer, UC Berkeley’s Southeast Asian Student Coalition [SASC] will be hosting its 2012 Summer Institute from June 20th-June 24th.  In this program, Southeast Asian American high school youth will have the opportunity to participate in a five-day program at Cal in which they engage in workshops, lectures, and other peer-bonding activities promoting higher education, cultural awareness, and other subjects.  They will also be paired with mentors who will provide guidance specific to their needs.  This all-expense paid program caters specifically to youth who are tied to the Southeast Asian refugee experience.  We would like to stress that we are looking for students with diverse experiences and backgrounds, not just those with high academic performances.  Ultimately, SASC SI seeks to empower these students and to encourage them to empower their family and their community as well.

As community members, we ask that you pass on these applications to Southeast Asian youth that you are connected to or to other community organizations that would benefit or that would be able to get the word out.  We would like to be able to outreach as effectively as possible, so if you have contacts, suggestions, or information, please send it to us at!  So please pass this application on and let others know about the program.

Thank you so much for your help and we hope to hear from you!

Louisa Vue, Nathalie Chau, and Nhan Vu
SASC SI Outreach Co-Coordinators, 2012

Applications must be postmarked by March 30th, 2012 and selected attendees will be notified by the beginning of May.
Please submit APPLICATIONS to:
SASC Summer Institute 2010
506 Barrows Hall
Berkeley, CA 94720-2570
Questions? Tuyen Nguyen: 510-479-5504 and Jenny Lu: 510-703-1276


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