Attention Student Leaders: Do not forget to make your classroom reservations!

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Hi all,

The question we receive more than any other (other than “When will my request be done?”) is “Why were no rooms available to fill my request?”

Here are the factors that present a challenge when we are looking for rooms to fill your request, along with suggestions on how to overcome them:

1. Challenge: More and more academic classes are being held in late afternoon or early evening. This means that if you are starting your event at 7pm, you still are competing with academic classes for rooms. If your event starts at 6pm, you are competing with even more academic classes for rooms. 
 Begin your event at 8pm. If you are concerned about safety, call BearWalk for an escort to/from your room.

2. Challenge: Academic and adminstrative departments are able to submit requests up to a year in advance. So even before the system opens for student group requests, we have already processed hundreds of room reservations. Solution: Be flexible about the day, date, time slot and size of the room you need. Give us several alteratives in every request you submit.

3. Challenge: There is much more going on on-campus on the weekends than there used to be. Recruiting, outreach to underprivileged students, testing and conferences held by departments is much more prevalent than it was only a couple of years ago. If you try to book a room for all day on Saturday, you may be unsuccessful.
Solution: Re-examine the length of time you need the room. Are you asking for a room for a large chunk of time because you don’t want to commit to a time slot? Narrow the time slot down. If you are having a conference or some other event that will require a large amount of hours per day, give us the option of breaking the time down into four hour chunks (i.e., 8:00am-noon, 1:00-5:00) instead of 8:00am-5:00pm (for example).

4. Challenge: The room size requested more than any other is between 50 and 60 seats. However, we have fewer than 10 rooms of that size in our inventory.
Solution: Fifty-sixty is a nice round number, but is it possible that you never get more than 35 or 40 people at your meetings? Evaluate your needs based on past experience.

Be sure to read the manual in the Resources section for a detailed description of the best way to give us alternatives when you submit your request. Unless you are asking for a room for two hours on Sunday afternoon, you should always give us a few alternatives!


Deborah Gray
Special Event Scheduler


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