Apply to the Undergraduate-Graduate Mentorship Program

Undergraduate-Graduate Mentorship Program

About The Program

The ASUC Undergraduate/Graduate Mentorship Program provides an opportunity for undergraduates to obtain individualized guidance from a graduate student. The graduate student will be a mentor who will offer advice and answers to the undergraduate who is interested in gaining more knowledge about his/her academic field of interest, the graduate school process, or just about future goals.

Participants are invited to several events throughout the spring semester to go in coordination with the program, which will include guest speakers and panelists directed towards providing undergraduates with information about graduate school. Mentors and mentees should meet at least once a week in order to reflect on workshops and gain advice on their future goals. The ASUC will provide the structures and materials for this program, but it is up to you as the participant to make the most of the mentorship. How much you benefit from the program is highly dependent on the effort given.

It is the ASUC’s hope for the program to enhance the Cal student community’s academic potential, to close the gap between undergraduate and graduate education, and to continue the success of this university.

As a Graduate Mentor

This is a great chance for graduate students to explore and learn about a mentorship relationship, which will be beneficial later in their faculty-graduate student mentorships. In addition, the graduate would be able to offer guidance and wisdom to younger peers. Who doesn’t enjoy sharing all the ins and outs that they learned to get where they are now – and have fun and build relationships with other students on campus at the same time?

To apply to be a Graduate Mentor, fill out an application now!

As an Undergraduate Mentee

This is a great chance for undergraduate students to take advantage of the wisdom and experiences of their graduate mentors. Not only will the undergraduates learn about the graduate process and gain insight into the application process and inner workings of graduate or professional school, but they will also establish relationships with their mentors, bringing students with similar interests together.

To apply to be an Undergraduate Mentee, fill out an application now!

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