A Message from the ASUC Sustainability Team: Leadership, Recruitment and Campaign Planning Workshop for UCB Student Groups

My name is Judy Li, and I am the Director of ASUC Sustainability Team (STeam). STeam is working with Green Corps, an environmental non-profit group, to organize a Leadership, Recruitment and Campaign Planning Workshop on Tuesday January 31st, and I would like to invite you and your members to attend. I think that you could benefit from this workshop. Leaders and members from all student groups are welcome to attend, and of course, this workshop is completely free.
The goal of this workshop is to give student groups involved in social activism more tools and skills in leadership development, recruiting new members to your cause/organization, and campaign planning. We want to help you create a bigger impact in whatever you are trying to do. The skills and techniques from this workshop are applicable to any campaign – from environmental issues to human rights to politics. The main components – leadership, recruitment and campaign planning – will be separated by a small 5 minute break, so students can select which portions of the workshop to attend if they do not wish to attend all three.

If you are at all interested in this skills training workshop or have any questions, please send me an email:


Green Corps has been training students in organizing and advocacy at universities all over the country for the last 20 years. This workshop at UC Berkeley will be customized based on what the participating student groups at UC Berkeley would like training in. So if there is a particular area that you would like to improve in, let me know and I will work with you from there. Areas of improvement could be anything related to leadership, recruitment and campaign planning; from how to get more members at the start of each semester, to team building. I hope you, your leadership team and your members will be able to join us for this incredible opportunity to learn new skills and grow your organization.


I look forward to working with you!

Judy Li
ASUC Sustainability Team Director


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