Change in ASUC Auxiliary (Eshleman 4th Floor) Hours for Spring 2012

Dear Eshleman Occupants:


Within the past month or so there have been several incidents in ASUC buildings that require tightening of security measures to ensure that students’, employees’ and customers’ safety as well as ASUC/Auxiliary equipment security in our buildings is given highest priority.  Over the next several months, as we begin preparing to surge out of Eshleman Hall, there may be several procedural changes that may go into effect with safety and security measures in mind.  One such change that will take effect tomorrow, January 10th, is that the 4th floor Eshleman lobby door hours will change to 9 am – 5 pm.  These new hours correlate with the hours of 4th floor Front Desk staff coverage.  The blue doors will unlock at 9 am and relock at 5 pm, Monday through Friday.  If you have a need to conduct ASUC business outside of those hours, there will be a doorbell available with instructions for you to gain entry to the 4th floor.  Those who have a keycard for 4th floor entry will continue to have the same access to the floor.


Additionally, a sign-in sheet will be made available in order to enable the Front Desk staff to assist customers without leaving their work station and reducing security measures at that key entry point.  This change will take effect as soon as the OSA Front Desk staff return from Winter Break and receive the necessary training.  We will appreciate your cooperation and thank you for your understanding in making these necessary changes.  Please address any questions you may have to your OSA Advisor.




P.S. to ASUC Officers/SUPERB/Committee on Student Fees:  Please pass the word on to your constituents, staff and peers.  Please let me know if you have questions.  Thanks!


Jan Crowder

ASUC Director of Student Affairs

University of California

400 Eshleman Hall #4500

Berkeley, CA  94720-4500

Phone:  (510) 642-8294

Fax:  (510) 643-8705





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