SASCERADE in the City!

SASCERADE in the City

When: Friday, DECEMBER 2nd, 2011
9pm (first bus) and 10pm (second bus – upper classmen priority)
Where: Club Mist in San Francisco

Hello Ridiculously Beautiful Community!
Are ya’ll tired of school, midterms and other stressful items in life?
Do you want to celebrate when all this is over?
Do you wanna get down and silly with some fine ass people?

You may ask.. what is this sascerade in the city? Well, its a bunch of fine ass, good looking people, getting on a bus, then getting into a club, and then getting down with each other! The date is still up for confirmation, but the save the date in your calender – Friday, DECEMBER 2nd, 2011! THE LAST DAY OF INSTRUCTION.

Tickets will be $20 for ticket into the bus and the club!

Proceeds will be going to help fundraise SASC SI! SASC Summer Institute is a 5 day 4 night program in the summer that engages Southeast Asian youth with learning about the historical context of the War in Southeast Asia, the refugee experience and contemporary issues within the Southeast Asian community. Also, it provides a safe space for students and mentors to open up and learn from each others experiences while creating new ones together through workshops, dialogue and fun activities. SO… Say you’ll come celebrate the end of fall semester 2011 with us! Get down with some cute/awesome/fun people! and go cray before RRR week kicks in!

You can get tickets/ turn in money to and SASComm or SASC Internal member!

Get ready for some SASClovin’! ❤
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