Online Student Services sees support from Administration

Finally, the administration is seeing the needs of students. I will keep you updated, on how students can participate and push for more visibility within this project.


The Operational Excellence Executive Committee today approved funding for the detailed planning phase for the implementation of a suite of information technology systems that will address inefficiencies in administrative interactions of interest to all Berkeley students. UC Berkeley is committed to improving these systems thereby enhancing the experience for all students at Berkeley.  Some improvements will replace our current systems that are out of date, partition data, and are built on incompatible technologies that do not allow students to navigate campus services easily.  Other improvements will add new capabilities and lay a foundation that allow for evolution and future expansion to meet our students’ digital needs and assumptions of service.

It has taken some time to arrive at this juncture. Underinvestment in student services systems over several years has created a complex landscape. The OE Student Services Initiative, sponsored by Harry Le Grande (Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs) and Catherine Koshland (Vice Provost, Teaching, Learning, Academic Planning and Facilities), and managed by Anne De Luca (Acting Associate Vice Chancellor, Admissions and Enrollment), made excellent progress in charting the direction that the campus needs to take. Simultaneous and subsequent work by these leaders with Shel Waggener (CIO) on a roadmap for student services systems developments within OE, and external to OE, has furthered our understanding about how to proceed.

The OE Executive Committee today decided that the next step is to have a dedicated team of professionals develop a detailed plan for how the projects within the five Student Services Initiative technology-related proposals can be executed. The five proposals are:

– Building an online academic commons
– Construction of a communication and information hub
– Creating an advising toolkit
– Designing state of the art academic planning and registration tools
– Enhancing current financial planning and bill paying tools

All of these proposals are available for view and comment on the OE website

It is our expectation that a short-term professional team can act as a catalyst, and, led by an Executive Director of Student Services Implementation, will be able to arrive at a plan within a period of months.

We were impressed with the quality and thoughtfulness of the student technology proposals presented to the Operational Excellence Executive Committee. Together, the financial commitment of these five proposals far surpasses the funding request of every other OE proposal. However, the vision for enhanced student services at Berkeley is both vital and compelling. The development of a detailed plan for these five projects will greatly improve our ability to achieve that vision.

Robert J. Birgeneau, Chancellor
George Breslauer, Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost
Andrew Szeri, OE Program Office Faculty Head, and Dean, Graduate Division
John Wilton, Vice Chancellor, Administration and Finance
Frank Yeary, Vice Chancellor


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