AAVP Grants Workshop

Our Grants department is excited to invite all of you, your student groups, friends and constituents to the AAVP Grants Workshop happening TOMORROW, Tuesday November 8th at 6pm in the Eshleman Library.
Come join us to learn more about the grants, how to fill out successful applications, general rules and precedents set by this year’s department and how to optimally utilize this resource. Spread the word and let as many student groups know so that we can do a better job serving every student on our campus! Please let individual students know that they do NOT have to be a part of a student group to apply, and individual student are just as eligible for the 5 grants as long as they demonstrate a clear correlation between the grant’s mission and their expenditure.
Thanks again and look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow!
Here’s the fb event: PLEASE CLICK ATTENDING AND SPREAD!! http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=306558986021952

Julia Joung

University of California, Berkeley | Class of 2013
B.A. Ethnic Studies & B.A. Political Science
Academic Affairs Vice President (2011 – present)
UC Berkeley Student Government (ASUC)
External Vice President | Korean American Students Association (KASA)
Chairwoman | East Asian Union (EAU)
Public Relations | Kollaboration San Francisco
julia.joung@kollaborationsf.org | Kollaborationsf.org

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