Help the Creators of CalCentral Online Right Now!

Please participate in this card sort activity that will help the creators of CalCentral organize UC Berkeley’s future online one-stop shop. There many websites that students use on a day-to-day or semester-to-semester basis, and it’s difficult for non-students to create something for students without input. Participate in this activity right now!
Thanks again for participating in our CalCentral workshop last Friday!
We’d love to continue our discussion about the best way to organize the information in CalCentral, and a card sort is a great way to do that. You simply organize the information items we’ve provided (the “cards”) into piles of “related” items, then give each pile of cards a name (category). This gives us great information about how you think about these information items, and gives us ideas for potential ways to structure CalCentral’s navigation.
It would be great if you could complete this card sort by end of day this Wednesday 11/2:

If you would like to complete it but don’t have time before Wednesday, just let me know.
I’d also love to hear any other thoughts or ideas you have about organizing information in CalCentral, so feel free to get in touch! You can see the navigation mock-ups I created for the meeting here:
Thanks so much!
Allison & Bernie


Allison Bloodworth
Senior User Experience Designer
Educational Technology Services
University of California, Berkeley

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