COSE meeting this Friday!

Hi All,

This is just a friendly reminder of a very special COSE meeting THIS Friday from 9AM – 12PM in 2 Hearst Gym. At this meeting we will be supporting the CalCentral team in hashing out 3 features/ideas they have for the portal. Please read the descriptions below to get a sense of their ideas! 

Please let me know if you can make it and/or if you friends want to come too!! I know it might be difficult to attend since it deviates from our usual COSE meeting time, but please drop by if you can!
IF you can make it, please fill out this quick card-sorting game that helps CalCentral designers understand how students sort their data: Do this ONLY if you can attend!

Descriptions of the 3 Ideas! [PLEASE READ!]
1) User Interface and Design
Our goal is to organize and structure the information in CalCentral to ensure users are able to find what they need when they need it. We are thinking about users’ experience when they come to the initial landing page, potential methods of navigating through the system, how users may use search, and where courses and various campus systems might be exposed. We are also considering how the timeline affects what students need to see a particular time (e.g. based on year in school and time of the year.)
2) Student Tasks and Events
Each student has a planner that presents upcoming tasks and events. Included  are class meetings and assignments, personal tasks, and other items from advisers  and across campus.

3) Course Planning and Pages:
Planning: Our goal is to integrate, relate, and enrich the various sources of information students rely on to plan for the courses they are taking each term and throughout their academic program.
Pages: Our goal is to provide course pages for every course that bring together all the basic information that students need: general course information, instructor info, schedules, support materials, etc.  Instructors will be able to use them as “starter” pages to start sharing content and communicating to their class.

Let me know if you have any questions!!

Thanks and regards,

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