Participate in the Haas Food Fair to celebrate National Diversity Month

Hello Cal student organization leaders,
The Haas School of Business Association will be hosting a Food Fair in the Haas Courtyard this month on October 27th in celebration of National Diversity month. We hope to showcase UC Berkeley’s culturally diverse organizations by allowing your organization to display itself as well as giving you the opportunity to sell ethnically-relevant foods to showcase the cultures your organization represents. This event will benefit many organizations because it will provide your organization with the opportunity to fundraise and earn money for your club activities.
What: National Diversity Day–Diversity Day Food Festival at the Haas School of Business
When: Thursday, October 27th from 11 AM – 2 PM
Where: Haas Courtyard (tables are free for your use)
Why: To celebrate the diversity in Cal by showcasing diverse organizations and allowing them to sell ethnically-relevant foods for their own fundraisers.
Please respond to this email with your interest as well as your food choice in order to get first dibs on items to sell. Some general ground rules for the event will be that you are responsible for setting up and cleaning up your own materials, and more details will be provided once you respond with your interest.
Please invite everyone to participate! Thank you so much for your assistance, and we’d love to see you there!
Give me a call or text me at anytime if you have further questions, at 415-378-0173.
Kind regards,

Sandy Diao


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