Apply to be a Student Advocate to the Regents

Student Advocates to the Regents (StARs)

Student Advocates to the Regents (StARs)

A.k.a. Whiteliners

Student Advocates to the Regents are UC students who attend Board of Regents meetings. StARs meetwith and build relationships with Regents and speak about student priorities.They are provided directaccess to the Regents, without the constraints of the line separating approved guests from the publicaudience. StARs meet Regents during informal parts of the agenda, which includes breaks and meals.

There are four student advocates on each meeting day. StARs are expected to stay for the entiremeeting on the days they commit to attend, usually 8 a.m.-4 p.m.

UCSA prepares StARs by providing background information about agenda items of interest to studentsand talking points on students’ priorities and strategy. Student advocates debrief their experience andnotes with UCSA at the end of the day.

The Office of the President assists in making sure student advocates have a good experience and arereimbursed for travel. They also help introduce student advocates to Regents or top administrators.

Click Here to Download the StAR Application

UC Regent Meeting Schedule 2011-12:

Nov. 15-17, 2011 – UCSF Mission Bay

Jan. 17-19, 2012 – Location TBA

March 27-29, 2012 – Location TBA

May 15-17, 2012 – Location TBA

July 17-19, 2012 – Location TBA

For any questions, more information or apply to be a StAR at the Nov Regents meeting please contact

Louise Hendrickson

University Affairs Director



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