SUPERB offers creative partnerships to Student Groups

October 13, 2011

Dear ASUC/GA-sponsored student groups,

Since 1964, ASUC SUPERB has grown into the longstanding organization responsible for noon
concerts on Lower Sproul, Friday Films in Wheeler, movie sneak previews, comedy shows, poker
tournaments, trivia nights, etc. As the official programming board of the ASUC, we have been
fortunate enough to host some large events and are looking to take it a step further in forming
some new and creative partnerships.

In addition to our commitment of providing entertainment to the campus community, we at
SUPERB would love the opportunity to collaborate with more student groups to support your
meaningful causes. At SUPERB we have 9 departments (Games, Concerts, Films, Sneak
Previews, Comedy, Marketing, Art/Photography, Web Design, and General Management) that
put on 100+ events a year with our staff of 80.

If you are interested in teaming up with us, please submit a 200-word-ish proposal describing
how exactly you see a partnership playing out (including: your cause, idea for an event, what your
student groups’ role would be, what SUPERB’s role would be, and any other relevant aspects).
There is no deadline for partnership submissions, however we would like requests to be submitted
2-3 months prior to the event date.

Examples might include:

A complementary symposium/ talk/ activity at one of our events (e.g. a
symposium on water sanitation in India at the showing of Slumdog Millionaire)

A fundraiser (or competitive fundraiser) where we donate a portion of ticket
proceeds to a non-profit

We’re open to working with student groups, individuals, offices, family, beloved pets, anyone…
Submit your idea to and put “SUPERB Partnership with [Your
Student Group]” in the subject line”. Feel free to also email any questions or just stop by our
office in the basement at 4 Eshleman Hall.

If we like what we see, we will ask you for to submit a more detailed and official proposal to our
office, or just contact you to chat. We look forward to hearing all your great and creative ideas.
Thanks for your time!


SUPERB General Management

A canned food drive at a Friday Film

A totally brand new collaborative that you suggest!


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