Publications, OCF, and B&G Yearbook Eshleman SURGE Update from Dara Adib

Hi everyone,

On Monday, other division representatives and I met for the first time
with the Eshleman surge architects. Surge is UC’s term for the
relocation process (move out, move in) we will go through before,
during, and after the construction of the new Eshleman beginning in late
summer. Our division is Publications, OCF, and B&G Yearbook.

Short summary of meeting (what you probably want to know):
* Space during surge will be compressed.
* Lower sproul renovation will be done in one phase to save costs, so
surge space will be even more limited.
* Current spaces being considered (still volatile): Evans (basement),
Hearst Gym (lower floor: gym archives, laundry, and women’s locker
room), Hearst Field Annex (mostly occupied by astronomy because
they also have been surged), Anna Head
* Hearst Gym has room for more cages to offset less office space.
* Spaces will probably be finalized from our end before December
* Actual move will happen during period between Aug 1 and Aug 15.
Because this is summer break, stuff will have to be packed by groups
in boxes in March and April and professional University movers will

Another division representative took minutes:

I am in contact with Abram Hardin from Capital Projects (University) who
is working on an “undisclosed location” (he can’t talk about it yet)
that is close to Sproul. I will let you know about this space when I
get the details.

Our list of space needs as discussed at the townhall meeting is being
submitting to the Surge architects at 3pm tomorrow:

– Location near Upper Sproul with space for tabling materials and
new/archived publications, accessible during late nights
(Publications and Yearbook)
– Office space with shelves for 5 publishing desktops and
printer/scanners, located near OCF computer lab and lounge (Yearbook
and Publications). Currently approx. 500 sq ft with 3 rooms.
– Computer lab and lounge space, power, wired networking, for 24
desktops and printers, and up to 40 students, with 24/7 access,
preferably near server space (OCF and Yearbook). Currently approx.
1200 sq ft.
– Secure, locked computer server space, power, high-speed wired
networking, A/C, with 24/7 access (OCF). Currently approx. 175 sq ft.
– AirBears, power outlets, bathroom, garbage, recycling, cleaning.

Feel free to reply directly to me if you want to discuss something
privately or reply to to discuss with the rest
of our division.



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