Productivity Suite and GMAIL/Microsoft 360

Hello everyone,

I am writing to update you about the status of one of my platforms that I ran on. Yay! So the one that I want to talk about right now is:

2) Increase support for Google applications on our campus

Our current online tools are extremely outdated and students deserve to have an email, scheduling, and online group-management system that suit our academic and extracurricular needs. I will work with the Graduate Assembly and Academic Senate to confront administration and develop a foundation for more up-to-date technological tools especially Gmail and Google Apps.

So here’s the down low. So as you all know, through Operational Excellence the campus released the Adobe Creative Suite to the entire campus. It’s pretty cool and there is still more to come, but it’s really up to the students to decide. There are many different software needs of students, but think about this: you have the power to tax yourselves in order to utilize the most professional tools in the software world. Whether you want to have the microsoft suite or the adobe creative suite or gmail or a calendaring system, there are so many options for you. But you need to let your ASUC senators and Executives know! You may think that you’d be paying huge bucks for this and I know you are already paying a ton for student fees, but the purpose of Operational Excellence and this particular OE initiative is to aggregate the spending power of the campus community. If we do this we can approach companies like Microsoft or Google and tell them this is what the campus needs and because we have so many people, it should be discounted. The idea of having everyone on the same system is so enticing, members of the campus community wouldn’t have to worry about learning about different systems if we were to consolidate our resources. So start thinking about what you would want in a productivity suite, how much you would pay for these services, and if the rest of the student body would agree with you. I am always here to answer questions and I am waiting on a placement into the Productivity Suite Initiative Team to further learn about this project. I’ll keep you posted. As far as I know the Student Technology Council will be sending out surveys in the near future about what you would want! The ball is bouncing and it’s definitely going to be in your side of the court real soon!
Let me know if you are interested in talking about this! Office hours are Monday from 4-6 in the Senate Lounge or by appointment.




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