ATTENTION EVERYONE: ASUC Academic Affairs Vice President’s Grants are Up and Running!

I’ll try to explain the grants process below. There are five different grants:  Academic Opportunity Fund, Intellectual Community Fund, Multicultural Fund, Educational Enhancement Fund, and the Public Service Fund.

Academic Opportunity Fund (ASUC AAVP Grant):  The Academic Opportunity Fund subsidizes off-campus academic pursuits – professional meetings, research conferences, academic competitions, and independent research.

Intellectual Community Fund (ASUC AAVP Grant): The Intellectual Community Fund provides monetary support to educational, activist, and awareness events planned by and for Cal students.

Educational Enhancement Fund (ASUC AAVP Grant): The Educational Enhancement Fund provides monetary support to DeCal courses and independent student-initiated courses at UC Berkeley.

Public Service Fund (ASUC AAVP Grant): The Public Service Fund strives to develop a sense of community awareness and enrich students’ community service experiences.

Multicultural Fund (ASUC AAVP Grant): The Multicultural Fund provides monetary support to events introducing the campus to a culture.

All of the grants are essentially run the same. The only difference is that you would apply to a specific one depending upon the idea behind your event. So ask yourself what your event is promoting!

So here is how you apply:

  1. Go to Go to
  2. Click on the specific grant’s application link
  3. Click on forms
  4. Fill out the form with information about your event (be detailed)
  5. Submit the application
  6. SIgn up for an interview time online at the Callink page for the grant you are applying to.
  7. Go to your interview
  8. Your request will be reviewed by the committee made up of two senators, a faculty advisor, the director, a couple interns, and a representative form the AAVP’s office.
  9. You will be notified by email, this is called AWARDS NOTIFICATION and you will also receive an invitation to join the Callink organization’s roster
  10. Print the awards notification
  11. Hold your event and buy stuff for your event and keep the receipt
  12. Accept the invitation you will receive to join the Callink/Grant’s Roster
  13. Complete a Callink Purchase Request, print out a cover sheet, attach original receipts and drop of at 2nd floor Eshleman
  14. Get your check 5-10 days after submitting receipts to Grants for final processing

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