Operational Excellence DeCal: Productivity Suite

Hey everyone here are my notes from the Operational Excellence Decal for the Day. Most important thing to take away from this is that the productivity suite will be voted on in the Spring via a fee referendum. Meaning that fees will rise but all students will receive common goods. These goods can include anything from the Microsoft office suite to GMail to Microsoft 360 to Adobe to many other common software needs. So start thinking about what you need and start thinking about how much you would pay to have it. We would get a massive discount for buying in bulk as  a university, so this is the one chance for the student body to access these professional tools that could potentially increase our academic excellence.


IT Productivity Suite Team

Bill Allison (and Siana Schwimmer?)

October 4, 2011


Campus Technology Services Department

  1. The idea
    1. Take how much money the university is already spending and going to the company as a whole and saying we want to spend it as a whole

i.     No one is going to buy your stuff Adobe, it’s so expensive, lets do a bulk thing

ii.     And we weren’t serving a lot of students

iii.     There was a trend in people moving away from Adobe and so Adobe gave in

  1. 9500 license activations from students

i.     4.5million dollar cost for students at the cost of 500,00

ii.     Now students have to decide if its worth it

  1. Shel Wagener and friends leveraged caltopia as a way for adobe to do this
  2. Adobe had the mechanism for distribution

i.     Lazy IT

ii.     Built a small application to distribute the original trial of ADOBE

  1. Lock in the deal at the greatest possible transaction
  2. Training Materials for students
    1. Videos are not geared toward students
    2. Everything you buy has live updates
    3. Whats coming?
      1. Internet 2
      2. Dropbox technology

i.     Box, aggregating all great universities to buy more

ii.     No limit


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