Cal Online Student Experience Taskforce Notes

What is the Cal Online Student Experience Taskforce?

  1. It was created a long time ago by EVP Tu Tran to create a website that aggregates all the other campus websites into one portal for students. The campus bought in through the office of the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs.

Cal Online Student Experience Survey?

  1. What were the results: bearfacts, calmail, telebears
  2. We will not be targeting Calmail due to changes in Calmail
  3. We will be targeting bearfacts and telebears

Productivity Suite

  1. What is it?
  2. 500,000 dollars to purchase the first part of the productivity suite (adobe). Buying in bulk, ex. $20 cost for each individual


  1. Talked about the problems associated with Telebears with the user interface designers for the CalCentral portal. We want to streamline the functionality of Telebears.


Ways to get involved with COSE:


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