Cal Tip


Make Anonymous Crime Tips

If you know of a crime that has occurred or is occurring on campus, we would like you to report it. or 510/664-8477 (from campus phone, 4-TIPS)

Cal Tip Anonymous Online Reporting icon

See it. Text it.

(from campus phone, 4-TIPS)

Within minutes, a texted tip will be received by UCPD’s dispatch center, where it will be forwarded to the appropriate division of the Police Department for follow-up.

It is also possible to make an anonymous report simply by dialing (510) 642-6760, UCPD’s non-emergency line.

About Anonymity

CalTIP enables anonymity because whether a message is received by text, email or voice mail, it encrypts all identifying information about the sender and supplies the sender with an alias/account number. Tipsters will be able to communicate with investigators who may have further questions and retain their anonymity through that process.

Your report is very important to us. Thank you for using CalTip.

CalTIP is not for an Emergency

CalTIP IS NOT intended for in-progress crimes. If you are currently witnessing a crime make an Emergency call instead. In case of immenent threat to life or property, dial 911, (or 510-642-3333 from a cell phone on or near campus.)


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