Extremely Rough Timeline for Projects

Just thought I’d give everyone an overview of the office projects!
Speaker’s Corner

Speaker’s Corner is an outlet for students from any community to speak their mind about their concerns. These concerns are meant to be challenged and spread to other members of our Greater Cal community via Speaker’s Corner.

Summer: Reaching out to Speakers

August: Build soapboxes

Late August: Have First Speaker’s Corner

Early September: Speaker’s Corner Blowout


Campus Safety Application
Safety Application with Safety Information and other interesting stuff like a GPS of OWL buses.

August: Meet with Jon Saltz

September: Find a new coder

October: Release the Safety Applciation


Media/Publications Community Mixer

A mixer and resource workshop for members of the publications community to meet each other and share ideas. Also it’s a resource workshop for them to learn about stuff.

September: Contact Publication Editors

October: Begin pulling details for powerpoint, classroom, and food together.

November: Publications Mixer


Media/Publications Week

A five day week dedicated to publications. Each day is a separate theme. Partnering with Innovative Design and PR@Cal to plan it. Chief of Staff Christina Kim will be charged with this.

September: Preliminary meetings with PR@Cal

October: Pull details of the event together.

November/December: Put on publications Week 


Design Workshops

Ongoing Design workshops for publications.

Timeline is unsure.


Moving Publications rack from basement of Eshleman to Upper Sproul

Moving the publications kiosk from the bottom floor of Eshleman to upper Sproul.

Timeline unsure.


Adobe Product Distribution for student editors

Productivity Suite. Done for student editors ad released.

September: release and marketing for publications.


Journalism Seminars (Broadcast, Reporting, etc.)

Seminars for students to learn about the field.

Timeline unsure.


Funding and Resource Guide for Publications

Creating a resource guide for student publications including ways to get ASUC, campus, and community funding. Also includes a list of local businesses and their managers’ contact information.

Summer: Begin learning constituion/bylaws to learn ASUC funding. And look up campus funding.

August/September: Collect information on local businesses and contact chamber of commerce in Berkeley.

October: Release list to campus publications.


Petitioning National Advertising Agencies for Publications

Obtain National advertising for student publications.

Summer: Attempted contact of advertising agencies but it didn’t work.


JEA and NSPA Publications Critique

Professional critiques of student publications.

Summer: Contacted JEA and NSPA but it failed.


Contact UCLA taskforce on Google Applications

Contact UCLA taskforce and learn about ways to lobby administration.

Summer: Contact and receive their transition report.






Collaborate with campus on Google vs. Microsoft decision making

What is up with Google and Microsoft.

August: Get involved in Operational Excellence.

September: Sit on Initiative Team for Information Technology to see whats up.

October: Provide student input into processes.


Increase student participation and input in the creation of CalCentral portal


September: Get involved with Operational Excellence Initiative Teams and COSE.

October: Meet with Kathy Koshland and Anne De Luca.


Housing Website

The ASUC’s multiyear project to create a housing rating and review website.

September: Form the CAL Housing Commission in Joey’s office.

October: Work with the Director to assist in creating the website.


Graduate Mentorship Program

Tiffany’s Project is to create a mentorship program with the graduate students so I wanted to help.

September: Meet with AAVP Academic Services

October-November: Outreach to mentors and mentees

January: help facilitate DeCal and make sure the program runs smoothly


Peace not Prejudice

Help with Peace Not Prejudice Week

September: Work with PNP

October: Grant applications





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