Update #2: August 16, 2011

Hello again everyone,

Thank you all for signing up for the bimonthly newsletter! I hope that you
find all the news in these emails to be worthwhile. I recently just arrived
in Berkeley after a month of vacationing with my family in Vietnam and
Myanmar. You should definitely go if you get a chance, there’s definitely
nothing like those two countries! As the start of the semester nears there
are still many announcements that I must make so let’s get to it!

*Community Announcements:*

If you have any announcements that you wish to send out to the greater Cal
community, please fill out this quick and easy Google form: Community
Announcement Request
Please let me know what events you are planning so that they are well
marketed to the rest of the community.

*1) Classroom Reservations for Fall 2011*

From Deborah Gray: “We will be opening the system for fall requests on
Monday, August 1st, at approximately 8:00am PST. The first day that you can
reserve a room is Thursday, August 18th, the first day of the fall semester
(classes start August 25th).

If you did not attend training this past spring and you are a relatively new
signatory, please read the student group classroom reservations training
presentation and student group classroom reservations manual before
submitting requests. You will find both in the Resources section of our
bSpace. Even if you are an experienced signatory, you should read the manual
every year, as we are continually updating it.

Please remember that you will need to re-register your group and all of your
signatories with the Center for Student Leadershi – *every* August –  before
you can submit requests. For more information, please see the Center for
Student Leadership website on this page:

If you are a group signatory, make sure to log onto your bspace and add
their page. It is important to stay on top of classroom reservations.

*2) Daily Californian offers discounted advertising for student groups – see
attached pdf for rates*

“I am happy to announce to you that the Daily Cal has put together special
rates for student groups to advertise in our paper this August/September.
The reasoning is very simple: we know that student groups work hard at
recruiting and publicizing events at the start of the semester (we certainly
know what that’s like). And while we have strong outreach that these groups
can benefit from, we recognize that our advertising rates have traditionally
been targeted at businesses with more funds than most student groups have

Thus, we have put together a special heavily-discounted offer for student
groups registered with the ASUC or Campus Life and Leadership. The attached
flyer includes the plans we are offering and more information. *Please take
a moment to forward this to your constituent student groups.*

If student groups find this offer useful, we will consider continuing it in
the future. If you or your constituents have any thoughts on this offer or
suggestions as to how it could be of more value, please don’t hesitate to
let me know.

Thank you for your time and I wish you all the best of luck as you get ready
to start your terms.


Tomer Ovadia

Editor in Chief and President
The Daily Californian
P: 510-548-8300
F: 510-849-2803

*3) Greek Carnival (Monday August 22, 2011 at 10pm)*

The Greek Carnival will take place on Lower Sproul the night of August 22.
Nearly all CalGreek organizations will be in attendance with different
booths and games that you can play. All members of the Cal community are
invited—whether you are Greek or not. If you are a CalGreek organization
please contact the appropriate officer to ensure that you have a booth at
the upcoming Greek Carnival:

Interfraternity Council: AVP Programming Justin Sayarath –

Panhellenic Council: VP Programming Jen Lee – phc.programm@calgreeks.com

Multi Cultural Greek Council: VP External Jocelyn Torrez –

National Pan-Hellenic Council: 2nd VP Omonivie Agboghidi –

*4) CalGreeks Move-In canceled this year*

“Given staffing and resource challenges for this upcoming academic
year, the staff of Fraternity & Sorority Life in the Center for
Student Leadership are unable to support the coordination of the
CalGreeks Move-In program that has taken place in years past. We
recognize that this collaboration with Residential Living provides
much for our first-year students, along with our CalGreeks community
and are hoping to reinstate the program when adequate resources become

Given that CalGreeks Move-In will not be taking place this Fall,
fraternities and sororities (as with all other groups) may not assist
in the move-in process formally or informally. Additionally, as in the
past, groups may not promote organizations, events, or recruit in any
way at this time. The CalGreeks Community, councils, and staff have
worked to create numerous other opportunities to promote the CalGreeks
community. To maintain the integrity and future of the CalGreeks
Move-In program, we ask that you respect our partnership.” –CLL

*5) Operational Excellence Summaries*

To help the campus community better understand OE, the OE Program
Office is creating and posting

one-page Summaries on the OE projects: http://oe.berkeley.edu.

Each Summary offers a quick understanding of an OE project. Each
includes key details on how the

project contributes to the campus effort to reduce our administrative
costs while simultaneously

improving the quality of our operations. The project timeline, budget,
and key contacts are also


So far, you can access Summaries for the following OE Projects:

*    Enterprise Data Warehouse: Governance

*    Enterprise Data Warehouse: Procurement

*    Enterprise Data Warehouse: Student Financial Statement

*    Enterprise Data Warehouse: Student Registration

*    Finance: CalPlanning Tool

*    IT: Governance

*    IT: Productivity Suite

*    Organizational Simplification: Timekeeping

*    Organizational Simplification: Unit Restructuring

*    Procurement: BearBuy

*    Procurement: Commodity Project

*    Procurement: CPCOE with UCSF

*    Student Services: Academic Commons

*    Student Services: Advising Toolkit

*    Student Services: Communications and Information Hub

*    Student Services: Financial Planning and Bill Paying Tools

*    Student Services: Planning and Registration Tools

Summaries for other OE projects are under development and will be
added to the OE web site as they

become available. To see more extensive details, review the complete
Business Case, Budget, and

Request for Resources, which are posted in the “Design Reports”
section of oe.berkeley.edu.

*6)* *New Path at Sproul Hall*
Construction to create a formal pathway in the landscape near the southwest
corner of Sproul Hall is scheduled to begin July 18.  The new path is being
built to provide better disabled access to the stair landing on the west
side of Sproul Hall (which is often used as a stage) as well as to replace
an informal path that has formed on the lawn between UCPD and the Savio
Steps.  Construction is scheduled to be completed in mid-August.

The new walkway will lead from the south side of Sproul Hall to the west
front of the building.  The work site will be fenced during construction and
the fenced area will extend at each end into existing walkways.    Access to
Sproul Hall will not be impacted by this project.

There may be some noise and disruption from the construction especially for
those with office windows adjacent to the work area.  Project activity
includes trucks, excavation of soil for the path, compaction and a concrete
Hours of work for this project are 7am – 5pm weekdays.  The project team
will adhere to regulations concerning safety, noise, odors and dust.  Please
respect any temporary construction detours and barricades.

Questions about this project should be directed to UC Berkeley Capital
Projects at 643-4793 or csh@berkeley.edu.
Apologies for any disruption this project causes and thank you for your
patience with the construction.

* *

*Office Announcements:*

*1) Community Announcements*

Please let our office know what events or programs your student groups are
planning through this form: Community Announcement Request
Your announcement will  be put in the next email blast and on the office

*2) Elected Officials Blog and Website*

Everything that is sent out in these emails will also be posted on the
Elected Officials Blog (I will have more information on this later) and on
the office website I created. I have taken quite a liking to the website. My
Chief-of-Staff Christina Kim and I have been working to make it more
accessible to students; it is still a work in progress. Website:

*3) Interested in getting involved? – See attached ASUC intern application*

If you are interested in getting involved in any of the office projects or
if you have a project of your own that you need help implementing. Please
let me or Christina know. We would both love to see your dreams come to
fruition whether it be helping us out with Speaker’s Corner or a
Publications Week, or starting your own project like a multicultural project
or a dance showcase; I want to help you!

Contact Chief-of-Staff Christina Kim – kimchristin@gmail.com

*Updates on Platforms:*

During the election season there were three goals that I set for myself that
I hope achieve while in office. And I constantly try to remind myself of
them and work to make progress on these three goals. I’d like to use these
emails to keep you updated on the progress of these goals as well (but
please excuse the shorthand I use when making these updates):

*1) Fostering the growth and development of the publications community*

Beginning an online Google doc that lists all local businesses (and the
managers’ contact information) that are interested in an advertising with
student publications. Student publications can contribute to the list as an
ongoing project of the entire publications community. Planning a
publications mixer for sometime in September.

*2) Increase support for Google applications on our campus*

No new information.

* *

*3) Enhancing the Online Student Experience*

CalCentral is new portal name. Meetings are held on Fridays at noon in 231


*1)* *David Chiu for Mayor campaign*

Supervisor President David Chiu is looking for student fellows/volunteers to
help with his grassroots campaign for San Francisco mayor!

As fellows/interns, students will be able to gain hands-on campaign
experience! Responsibilities include: staffing the campaign headquarters,
organizing and attending outreach events, contacting voters, and performing
research and data entry. Previous campaign experience is not necessary.
Students can find the application/more info here:

Here is also the contact for Stephanie Tsai, our regional field organizer:

*2) Fundraising for Student* *Groups* *through Pheao*

pheao.com is giving away *$1,000* to any group who has members sign up and
answer questions. The last marketing campaign was 100 questions but they’ve
recently bumped it up to 250.

Student groups are always strapped for cash and I know a couple student
organizations who have used pheao to raise money. So definitely look into

*3) Fundraising for Student Groups through myedu*

“My name is Jessica and I am one of the Campus Representatives for MyEdu at
UC Berkeley. I am emailing you to let you know about MyEdu’s “Share the
Love” Program, which gives students a chance to raise money for their groups
and organizations on campus.

What’s MyEdu? If you haven’t heard of us, MyEdu is an online academic
planning tool for students.  We are partnered with the ASUC and together we
reach out to students to prepare them for a successful Tele-bears
experience. Our services are completely free and students can

·  See official grade histories

·  Review Professors

·  Build an interactive schedule

·  Track degree progress over time

·  Find the cheapest textbook

Best part? Through the “Share the Love” Program, MyEdu will donate $1 to
your chapter each time someone joins MyEdu using your unique URL.
Philanthropy is an important part of your fraternity’s culture and what
better way to raise money than to get students academically motivated? Plus,
with Fall Recruitment coming up, “Share the Love” offers an easy way to
raise money for your recruitment activities.

Signing up for Share the Love is easy:
1) Visit http://www.myedu.com/giving-back/student-organizations
2) Create a MyEdu account by registering for a unique URL and entering your
chapter’s information
3) Share your URL with all your chapter members and friends to start

Those are all of my announcements! I hope that you learned a little
something from them. I wish you all the best and I hope you have a great
beginning to your semester.

Your 2011-2012 Senator,
Justin Sayarath
University of California, Berkeley
B.A. Economics | Class of 2013
Sayarath.Jus@gmail.com  <sayarath.jus@gmail.com>| (619) 313-3737

Senator | Associated Students of the University of California*
Vice President | Alpha Tau Omega | Gamma Iota Chapter*
Assistant Vice President of Event Programming | Interfraternity Council*
Vice President | Caliber Magazine*

Student Action <http://studentactioncal.org/content/home> | “Every Student,
Every Year.”

*Titles for Identification Purposes Only



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