Update #1:

Hello everyone,


I just wanted to reintroduce myself. My name is Justin Sayarath and I am one of your ASUC Senators for the 2011-2012 academic year. If you are getting this email, I have probably already gotten in contact with you and I am super excited to represent you in our student government. I will not be sending you any further emails unless you join the Google group. However, I encourage you to do so, so that you can learn about the many opportunities our campus has to offer, update yourself on the activities that our fellow students are doing, use a biweekly email blast through my office to update others on your student group’s activities, and learn more about the projects that my office is working on. You will also be receiving an invitation to join the Google group very shortly. Also, if you are receiving this message and the invitation in error (for example if you have graduated from UC Berkeley), please let me know! So with that I have some important announcements for you:


Community Announcements:

If you have any announcements that you wish to send out to the greater Cal community, please fill out this quick and easy Google form: Community Announcement Request Form, Please let me know what events you are planning so that they are well marketed to the rest of the community.


1) Classroom Reservations for Fall 2011

From Deborah Gray: “We will be opening the system for fall requests on Monday, August 1st, at approximately 8:00am PST. The first day that you can reserve a room is Thursday, August 18th, the first day of the fall semester (classes start August 25th).

If you did not attend training this past spring and you are a relatively new signatory, please read the student group classroom reservations training presentation and student group classroom reservations manual before submitting requests. You will find both in the Resources section of our bSpace. Even if you are an experienced signatory, you should read the manual every year, as we are continually updating it.

Please remember that you will need to re-register your group and all of your signatories with the Center for Student Leadershi – every August –  before you can submit requests. For more information, please see the Center for Student Leadership website on this page: http://campuslife.berkeley.edu/orgs/manage.”


If you are a group signatory, make sure to log onto your bspace and add their page. It is important to stay on top of classroom reservations.


2) Calapalooza (Thursday August 25, 2011) Table Reservations

To reserve a table please ensure that your group is registered with the Center for Student Leadership and then go to this link to request a table: Table Request


Calapalooza is a great way to educate the greater Cal community about your student group and also to recruit new members for your organizations. *If you are a CalGreeks organization, all IFC, PHC, MCGC, and NPHC organizations will be represented at one CalGreeks table.


3) Greek Carnival (Monday August 22, 2011 at 10pm)

The Greek Carnival will take place on Lower Sproul the night of August 22. Nearly all CalGreek organizations will be in attendance with different booths and games that you can play. All members of the Cal community are invited—whether you are Greek or not. If you are a CalGreek organization please contact the appropriate officer to ensure that you have a booth at the upcoming Greek Carnival:

Interfraternity Council: AVP Programming Justin Sayarath – sayarath.justin@gmail.com

Panhellenic Council: VP Programming Jen Lee – phc.programming@calgreeks.com

Multi Cultural Greek Council: VP External Jocelyn Torrez – mcgc.external@calgreeks.com

National Pan-Hellenic Council: 2nd VP Omonivie Agboghidi – omonivie.hope@gmail.com




Office Announcements:

1) Emails

This is the only email newsletter I will be sending out for the month. Regular emails will be sent out starting in August. There will be two every month at the pace of every other week. This is so that I don’t spam your inboxes. I hope that you will sign up for the Google group so that you keep yourself updated on all the wonderful things our student groups are doing.


2) Elected Officials Blog and Website

Everything that is sent out in these emails will also be posted on the Elected Officials Blog (I will have more information on this later) and on the office website I created. I have taken quite a liking to the website. My Chief-of-Staff Christina Kim and I have been working to make it more accessible to students; it is still a work in progress. Website: https://sites.google.com/site/senatorsayarath/


3) Interested in getting involved?

If you are interested in getting involved in any of the office projects or if you have a project of your own that you need help implementing. Please let me or Christina know. We would both love to see your dreams come to fruition whether it be helping us out with Speaker’s Corner or a Publications Week, or starting your own project like a multicultural project or a dance showcase; I want to help you!

Contact Chief-of-Staff Christina Kim – kimchristina91@gmail.com


4) Google Group/Listserv

Please join the Google group through the invitation that I will send you or by going directly to this link: http://groups.google.com/group/justinsayarath

I will be using this strictly as a listserv to keep all of you up-to-date on all important messages that come my way. I will only send out two emails a month, and it is vital that you learn about the opportunities that are presented in this email. It is also a great way to let others in our community know about your events.



Updates on Platforms:

During the election season there were three goals that I set for myself that I hope achieve while in office. And I constantly try to remind myself of them and work to make progress on these three goals. I’d like to use these emails to keep you updated on the progress of these goals as well (but please excuse the shorthand I use when making these updates):


1) Fostering the growth and development of the publications community

Currently working on gathering contact information for all publication editors and also gathering the needs and concerns for all of the campus publications. Also working on design workshops to teach student editors how to use graphic design products. Also working on deals with Adobe to see if there is any kind of deal we can get for personal computers for student editors.


2) Increase support for Google applications on our campus

There has been a lot more progress on this particular goal. We may not have to talk to the GA or Academic Senate about bringing a better email system to our campus. Campus is currently negotiating contracts with both Google and Microsoft  so that students and staff have a more efficient email system. More information to come.


3) Enhancing the Online Student Experience

The Cal Online Student Experience (COSE) portal is currently being developed. It is in it’s early stages, but a pilot will be released to the College of Environmental Design and College of Natural Resources. The portal is to be called CalCentral, it’s an awesome name made with input from students, staff, and faculty. COSE meetings, where students can share their input on the Cal Online Student Experience, have resumed with more information to come. While we are still far away from this goal, the final goal is to consolidate all of our online resources into one portal so that we do not have to log onto several websites making it more convenient and efficient for students.


Your 2011-2012 Senator,

Justin Sayarath


Hello everyone,

If we have not met, my name is Justin Sayarath and I am your AVP of Programming for the Interfraternity Council. I hope that you are all having a great summer and that you are all gearing up for Recruitment.

I have some important news for you. It is vital that IFC has a great showing at this year’s Greek Carnival on August 22nd from 10pm to 1pm so please sign up. But before you sign up, I ask that you speak to your fellow brothers to come up with a solid booth idea for the carnival. That means thinking of something creative and fun for possible fraternity men to participate in. Within the Google form that are restrictions as to what you can do and I ask that you please adhere to these rules when thinking up booth ideas. Please fill out the Google form to ensure that you have an allotted spot in this year’s Greek Carnival: IFC Greek Carnival Form

Thank you so much for your participation and I hope that you have an awesome month left of this summer vacation. And once again, as the year is gearing up, I’d like to offer my help to you in any way possible. If there are any programs, whether they be philanthropic or social or anything for that matter, that you wish to implement this year, let me know. There is a wealth of resources out there for your chapter, and it’s up to you to take advantage of it. My email is sayarath.justin@gmail.com. Please do not hesitate to contact me.
Justin Sayarath
University of California, Berkeley
B.A. Economics | City and Regional Planning Minor | Class of 2013
Sayarath.Justin@gmail.com | (619) 313-3737
Senator | Associated Students of the University of California
Vice President | Alpha Tau Omega | Gamma Iota Chapter

Assistant Vice President of Event Programming | Interfraternity Council
Senior Adviser | Caliber Magazine


Student Action | “Every Student, Every Year.”


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